TycoonInvest is a great team of people whose common goal is to help companies raise capital.

Out of our need to help entrepreneurs and business owners succeed, especially those who had difficulty finding money to grow their real estate assets, TycoonInvest was born.

We love helping entrepreneurs succeed, and our wish is that they become successful beyond their wildest dreams.

Entrepreneurs hear the word “No” or “You can’t do that” more often than they care to admit. We want to be the ones to say, “Yes! You can do that, and we can help you.”


Our vision is simple.

  • To see a world where entrepreneurs make their dreams come true, no matter their background, financial means, network, or connections.
  • To help entrepreneurs create sustainable jobs well into the future.
  • To fund entrepreneurs who develop businesses that help their communities thrive, and at the same time, provide their investors with a commitment to long-term growth.

“Triumph starts with an idea that is driven by ambition and achieved through discipline.”

– John Taxiarchos, Founder and CEO